Why I Love Toronto Reason #276

Churches Being Turned into Condos/ Lofts

Yes I know Toronto’s Condo/ Loft market is getting out of hand. I mean they have condos popping up right next to the Gardiner expressway – so close that if a car ran into and broke the median you would have a car in your living room or from another perspective you could jump onto the highway from your balcony.  Now I will do a post on my favorite condominium buildings in the near future, but today I want to do Churches that have been turned into condominiums/ lofts. This is definitely becoming a huge craze in our city and I think it may be a tad sacrilegious.

I have to say though it is a cool concept. I mean church attendance is declining which means more churches are joining together. Instead of demolishing these abandoned Churches they are being converted and allowing people to live in the some of the most beautiful historical building this city has to offer.  So even though it may not be the right place for vampire to live because the faucets might spew out holy water and there may be some hidden crosses somewhere, I think these homes are perfect for those who love architecture and history. Below I’m going to give you my top 4 church converted condo/ lofts and briefly give you a history and some of their selling features.  

     Abby Church Lofts

Located in the High Park Area this church has some pretty awesome selling features. Get this - vaulted wood ceilings, original stained glass windows, exposed stone and brick walls, plus it has a look out from the bell tower and twisting staircases!! – I’m having an architectural orgasm right now – I’m not sure if that’s weird to say considering I’m talking about a church, but to I am. Anyways the church was built in 1910 and is absolutely stunning it almost looks like you could be living in a castle. Did I mention THE ORIGINAL STAINED GLASS?

    The Church Lofts

This neo-gothic gem was built in 1906 and is located at 701 Dovercourt and also has its original stained glass. What I love are the squished in balconies and the wood patio on top of the church which brings you a stunning view. It boasts to a restoration of the masonry, limestone, wood doors, and period light fixture.  It has this amazing quad that beams in sunlight from the most beautiful skylight I have ever seen.

     The Channel Club

Everyone has seen this church condo and they probably still thinks it is a church - I know I did until now. This condo is right on the corner of College and Bathurst and I mean right on the corner. If you ever get off the 511 streetcar at college it drops you off right in front. I just thought I’d mention that one because I always thought it was just a cool church in Little Italy.  

      St. George On Sheldrake Lofts

Once the Eglinton United Church, this 1923 building by Horwood and White (they also worked with Edmund Burke) was turned into lofts in 2001. The exterior is said to be a tribute to Oxford University’s Keeble College and has units as big as 4000 square feet.  The building welcomes you with these noteworthy dark coloured doors as well as intense brickwork. Of course it also has cathedral ceilings.

More and more Church Condo/Lofts are popping up in the tdot and I’m really excited that architects are bringing the old and placing a modern twist on it. Remember my Heritage Modernization Theory – not demolishing old building but converting them to the modern world. It is happening Toronto and these condo/ lofts are some of the nicest condo/ loft buildings in the city. Now the question if you live in an old church do church rules still apply? Like no swearing? All question that will be answered in time.

That is why I Love Toronto. 





I want to live in a converted church. Get on this, Albuquerque.

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